Quality Control

Upholding ISO 9001 Quality Standards

At the core of our business lies an unwavering commitment to quality, and we implement rigorous Quality Control methods to ensure that all our products are in complete alignment with our customers’ specific needs and expectations.

In our well-equipped inspection room, we host an array of precise measuring instruments to maintain the high standard of our products. This includes a Baty shadow Graph for intricate visual inspections, an OGP contactless measuring system that ensures accuracy without physical interference, a Talyrond roundness measuring machine for detailed geometric analysis, and various height gauges and micrometers. Alongside these, we utilise calibrated slip gauges to guarantee quality consistency throughout our product range.

A Steadfast Commitment to Quality

Our dedication to quality is not just a statement; it has been a fundamental part of our operations since 1992. We are assessed both internally and externally on an annual basis to ensure that we continually meet and exceed the current ISO 9001 Quality standards. This rigorous process reflects our steadfast commitment to excellence, reinforcing our reputation as a trustworthy provider in our field.