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Pursuit of Innovation and Upholding Standards

At Trio, we approach each project with a potent blend of knowledge and enthusiasm, perpetually seeking innovative strategies to enhance our understanding of new products and manufacturing methods.

Our extensive experience serves as the backbone to our evolving methodologies. Holding a national Quality Management accreditation for over 25 years and currently adhering to ISO 9001, we ensure our operations consistently meet the highest standards. Our commitment to quality is reaffirmed through an annual reassessment.

Excellence in Manufacturing with a Wealth of Experience

Established for over 55 years, Trio Tools Ltd is a progressive, family-run business endowed with a rich pool of knowledge fostered by our experienced team. We specialise in manufacturing bespoke Tungsten Carbide tooling and intricate components with extremely close tolerances.

With the capability of achieving tolerances down to one micron on dimensional values and less than 0.5 micron on roundness values, we craft varied parts such as Grinding Quills, Grinding Centres, Mandrels, Gauges, and virtually anything in Tungsten Carbide and Tool Steel. Each product is meticulously tailored to your specifications, adhering to the highest of standards.

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At Trio, we champion unparalleled accuracy. Our precision in crafting custom Tungsten Carbide and Tool Steel tooling is second to none. With tolerances down to one micron, we epitomise precision, turning your detailed drawings into reality, flawlessly and meticulously. Trust Trio for exacting standards in tooling manufacturing.


At Trio, design is at the heart of our craft. We meticulously convert intricate ideas into tangible tooling solutions. Our focus on precision and accuracy reflects in every aspect of our design process, resulting in high-quality products that perfectly embody your vision. Trio's commitment to exceptional design is what distinguishes us in the industry.


At Trio, we convert visions into tangible realities. Our mission is to fully grasp your idea, immersing ourselves deeply in your vision. With precision and accuracy, we breathe life into each project, turning detailed concepts into high-quality tooling solutions. Our commitment sets us apart in delivering results that truly mirror your aspirations.


We expertly transform complex ideas into precise, high-quality tooling solutions. We transform intricate ideas into high-quality tooling solutions with precision. Our commitment to design and quality ensures results that exceed expectations, making your satisfaction our ultimate success. In everything we do, Trio puts your satisfaction first.